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ATLAS-Class Large HeatSponge Replacement for
Obsolete All-Welded Carbon Steel Economizers

These units are used primarily on very large 100,000 pph & larger industrial and small utility boilers. This first-to-market model has been developed to bring the value-added features of the conventional HeatSponge product line into a market dominated by obsolete all-welded tube construction economizers. ATLAS econonomizers can also be supplied with stainless steel tubes.

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Boiler Make
Boiler Capacity

Inlet Water Temp
Water & Gas Temperature Units
Firing Rate Load Condition 1
100 % Firing
Load Condition 2
% Firing
Load Condition 3
% Firing
Load Condition 4
% Firing
Inlet Flue Gas Temp Load 1 Required
Flue Gas Temp @ 100% Load is Only Required Entry - Part Load Temperatures are Automatically Calculated if Left Blank
Target Flue Gas Exit Temperature
- This is the temperature you want Bruce to target when sizing the economizer. If left blank Bruce will pick the mid-point of the flue gas and water inlet temperatures.
Annual Hours @ Firing Rate
Excess Air % % % %
Flue Gas Recirculation Rate % FGR Taken Before Economizer
FGR Taken After Economizer
Fuels Fired High-Performance Aluminum Fins - No Price Increase - Overrides Automatic Tube Material Selection
5 Fins per Inch - Gas Firing With Standby #2 Oil - 316 Stainless Steel Tube
5 Fins per Inch - Gas Firing With Standby #2 Oil - SA-178-A Carbon Steel Tube

Base Performance Options
5 Fins per Inch - Gas Firing With Standby #2 Oil
4 Fins per Inch - Gas and/or Consistent #2 Oil Firing
3 Fins per Inch - Heavy Fuel Oil Firing
2 Fins per Inch - Wood Firing

Current Boiler Efficiency %
Blowdown Rate % - For boiler feedwater applications only
Stack Diameter in Leave 0 if diameter unknown
Fuel Price dollars per million btu
Maximum Water Side Pressure Drop PSI

Optional Selections Below

Custom Water Flow Rate


Check to allow flow rate to track firing rate.

Enter the water flow rate ONLY if the flow rate will differ from the boiler capacity flow rate. This feature is for economizers used in a non-traditional installation such as process water heating. If your application is a typical boiler economizer arrangement then leave this cell blank and leave units on PPH.

Water Specific Heat


for glycol systems

Only experienced boiler professionals should adjust the data below.

Manual Unit Selection / Bypass Bruce - For Experienced Boiler Technicians Only:
AutoPick ON
AutoPick OFF - Manual Selection below
Experienced boiler professionals may bypass Bruce's AutoPick software and manually select a maximum gas side pressure drop from the selection chart below. Just because a data page will be printed out means HeatSponge confirms that a manually selected unit will work on a given boiler. Excessive backpressure will seriously impact boiler operation.

This feature is also a very good way to compare the performance of a competitive unit to a HeatSponge. If you are comparing units and the competitive unit has a higher gas side pressure drop than our AutoPick selects use this feature to see how a HeatSponge would compare to the competitive selection. Some competitors will try to sell a smaller unit with an excessively high backpressure simply to offer a lower price.
Select Maximum Allowable Backpressure:

Flue Gas Mass Flow Calculation Override - For Experienced Boiler Technicians Only:
Experienced boiler professionals may custom select the flue gas mass or volumetric flow rate. You must both enter the flow rate and units to use as well as check the override checkbox.
Bypass checkbox required

Final unit selection could be affected by other operational constraints. HeatSponge reviews all selections for accuracy prior to placement of any purchase order.