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HeatSponge Technology:

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For Commercial and Industrial Steam Boilers

Featuring optional Two-Stage Ultra-Efficient Steam Boiler Economizers. This is the default unit to select.






Hydronic Boiler Condensing Economizers

Sidekicks retrofit conventional boilers to condensing efficiencies or can be used to heat large volumes of water conventional economizers could not accommodate. Featuring our Efficiency-Match software that automatically sizes Sidekicks paired with conventional boiler to match the same efficiency as a proposed condensing boiler.






2 Inch Tube All Welded Economizers

These units are used primarily on very large 1000 HP + industrial boilers. They do not include the value-added features of the conventional HeatSponge product line. They are only available in an all welded, non-repairable, carbon steel tube and casing configuration.







Both standard and Sidekick models feature conventional and condensing options. Atlas models are available in carbon steel only.



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