Engineers & Manufacturers of the Heatsponge Economizer


“SIDEKICK” and "RAINMAKER" Hydronic Boiler Economizers

BEI Commercial Products Group

An industry game-changer that brings condensing efficiency to conventional boilers


New or retrofit applications


Any conventional boiler can realize the efficiency of a condensing boiler under same operating conditions


Allows for duel-fuel boilers with condensing efficiencies


Specifically designed for the unique requirements of hot

water boilers


All surfaces exposed to flue gas or water are stainless steel and feature 316 stainless steel tubing

  • SIDEKICK models utilize the legacy stainless steel fin design for use when exposed to oil firing
  • RAINMAKERS utilize corrosion resistant aluminum fins for maximum performance in the smallest and lowest cost package


Optional removable tube cartridges for ease of long-term maintenance


One-piece fully insulated construction


Unique gas transition design allows for flexibility for installations in tight boiler rooms


Conventional boilers with Sidekicks are extremely cost competitive compared to new dedicated condensing boilers


Can incorporate draft inducers when existing draft alone is insufficient




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