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HeatSponge Case Studies

Berner Foods, Dakota, IL represented by Meilner Mechanical
A HeatSponge condensing economizer was installed that resulted in a $ 135,000 utility rebate and annual fuel savings over $ 80,000.
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Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL represented by Meilner Mechanical
It took the efforts of a team of engineers, contractors, and installers to fit these horizontal economizers into the limited space available, "like building a ship in a bottle" as one of the engineers said. The end result is a project that earned a $ 154,000 utility rebate and annual fuel savings over $ 90,000.
Click here for the case study in pdf format

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HeatSponge Two-Stage SBS/UB-TITAN model Two-Stage economizer on Superior firetube boiler

The Side-By-Side (SBS) configuration provides an internal three-pass design to maximum condensing and provide a remote sump to insure no condensation can fall into the boiler. The UB is an unbalanced design providding twice the heating surface in the second stage than the first to maximum condening performance. SBS/UB configurations can achieve efficiency improvements of over 12%

HeatSponge Two-Stage SBS-BOSS model Two-Stage economizer on Superior firetube boiler

The SBS-BOSS configuration represents some of the larger Two-Stage economizers supplied by BEI. A SBS-BOSS offsets the second stage to reduce overall height and provide for easier accessibility for long term servicing. The fully condensing second stage is provided with exhaust gas flow down for optimum condensing and insurance that no condensation can enter the boiler.

HeatSponge Two-Stage SPLIT-TITAN model Two-Stage economizer on Superior firetube boilers

The SPLIT-TITAN configuration is our most compact and cost effective two-stage configuration.

HeatSponge Two-Stage SPLIT-TITAN model Two-Stage economizer on a Hurst firetube boiler

HeatSponge Two-Stage SPLIT-TITAN model Two-Stage economizer on Hurst firetube boilers

HeatSponge Two-Stage SPLIT-TITAN model Two-Stage economizer on a Johnston firetube boiler


The BOSS model is the standard HeatSponge used in a conventional boiler feedwater economizer application. Available in carbon steel construction painted in high temperature black or upgraded to stainless steel the BOSS represents the state-of-the-art in indirect contact boiler economizer design.


Used primarily on boilers under 300 HP the HeatSponge SHORTY model economizer is the industry's first replaceable tube element helical coil design. All SHORTY model economizers are manufactured with the tubes, fins, inner and out casings manufcatured out of stainless steel to provide for a maximum logevity.




HeatSponge economizers can be installed in custom applications such as these tight-fit 800 HP TITAN model economizers that were specially engineered to work within the extremely tight boiler room space available.


Two-stage heat recovery off of a 5 MW combution turbine with first stage heat water heating boiler feedwater and second stage servicing an absorbtion chiller water loop. This unit and an identical suplicate are installed at a large dairy facility.

Feedwater economizers for waste heat boilers utilizing the exhaust from combution turbines. These economizers were custom engineered to accomodate the tight dimensions of the installation. These pictures show the progression of the installation. The location of installation is a major US East Coast college.


A RAINMAKER with optional Type IIIa casing and moulating damper allowing for full condensing process water heating. The Type IIIa casing is in internal three-pass design so exhaust may enter at bottom and exit through top which the actual heat exchanger is in a vertical down gas flow orientation and isolated sump to optimize performance and insure no condensation can fall down into the boiler. Even with the exhaust gas directional changes the pressure drop is designed to be low enough that the boiler forced draft fan is sufficient to move the exhaust through it. An external fan is not required reducing project cost as well as the parasitic electric loss of an additional fan. The optional modulating bypass damper allows for outlet water temperature control and ability to bypass when firing standby fuel oil.

A Type I RAINMAKER arranged for gas flow down exhausting into an ID fan. This economizer is installed as part of a direct contact hot water heating system. The indirect contact RAINMAKER is used to increase the temperature of the water leaving the direct contact section using the hot exhaust gases prior to their entering the spray tower. This system is installed at a medical facility in Europe.


Work hard play hard, always be competing. Here's a few pictures of the various paint schemes of the HeatSponge stock car over the years as driven by company founder Vince Sands.


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