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We decided to start a new area to let our customers and representatives know what is new and exciting at Boilerroom Equipment Inc. We will also feature selected orders and shipments that are unique or exciting.


BEI GENERAL UPDATE - OCTOBER 2013: Boilerroom Equipment Inc is pleased to announce it has joined the American Boiler Manufacturers Association, ABMA.


NEW FABRICATION EQUIPMENT - AUGUST 2013: Sometimes reconditioned equipment just isn't up to the task so we exercized our option to return the reconditioned press brake and instead purchased a brand new one. The disruption didn't help coming right in the middle of a heavy fabrication schedule but we managed. Below are pictures of the new press brake as well as a video of the new plasma table in action. The pieces being cut are parts of a Shorty coiled economizer. We had been paying nearly $ 100 per piece to a vendor; the time for us to make our own from drop pieces of plate is just 6 minutes!


BRUCE/SIDEKICK NEWS - AUGUST 2013: Perhaps one of the most impressive new modules incorporated into Bruce is now live. The HeatSponge "Efficiency-Match" software allows a user select a condensing boiler from a list and have Bruce engineer a Sidekick to match the efficiency of the condensing boiler at a specific operating parameters.


In the same way automobile fuel economy is calculated at both highway and city conditions the efficiency of a condensing boiler can vary greatly depending on how it is operated. Since condensing boilers can only achieve their highest efficiencies when supplied with very cold water it is not uncommon for the actual operating efficiencies to be significantly lower than the optimum possible efficienies. The HeatSponge "Efficiency-Match" software allows for a conventional boiler to be paired with a Sidekick to achieve the same efficiency as the condensing boiler for any given return water temperature. Bruce will even provide a project-specific efficiency curve with guarenteed performance to provide for rebates.


SAD NEWS - AUGUST 2013: Everyone at BEI offers its sympathy and condolences to the family, friends, and coworkers of Bill Bloom of Burnham Corporation. Bill will always have a special place with our company as he was the first representative of any manufacturer to not only consider our equipment but to go as far as to travel to our office. Bill was one of the first people to believe in what we were attempting to do. Imagine a man of Bill's reputation and standing requesting to visit what at the time was a small, start-up manufacturer that offered little more than a vision in a market with well established competitors. The boiler industry has lost a man of great character and we have lost not only one of our earliest champions but a very good friend.


NEW FABRICATION EQUIPMENT - JULY 2013: BEI has completed the installation of range of new fabrication equipment highlighted by a brand new XYCorp High Definition Plasma CNC burning table. This table will greatly improve our fabrication times as well as allow us to be even more price competitive. Perhaps most exciting though is the ability for the software to easily parse parametric drawings which means within the next year Bruce will be exporting all design data to parametric drawings substantially removing both time and overhead expense from the engineering process. Bruce will revolutionize the fabrication component of a project in the same way he has already revolutionized the sales, estimating and performance engineering components of a project. These technical advancements will not only further improve BEI's competitive advantage in the market but also allow us to be able to compete head-to-head in competitive foreign markets with boiler room equipment fabricated right here in Pittsburgh PA.


Also shown is the new 225 ton CNC press brake. Since the demands of the brake are not as precise as the table BEI found a solid, used press brake and then had it completely reconditioned to an as-new condition except for new paint since it is a working fabrication shop after all. In addition to the bigger ticket items we also added a new ironworker, welding positioner, cranes, and other support equipment. In total this investment will exceed $ 200,000.



BEI is fortunate for the success it has enjoyed to date and is sincerely appreciative to our customers and representatives. This equipment represents a substantial investment and demonstrates our commitment to the industry allowing us to expand into other boiler room components in 2014 under the HeatSponge brand.


FEATURED SHIPMENT - MAY 2013: Now this is an AWESOME HeatSponge Sidekick. It was designed to preheat domestic water using flue gas from sectional low pressure steam boilers. The Sidekick is positioned between the two boilers and has a flue inlet on each side of the top. The flue gases travel down over the Sidekick and exit the side lower to a common stack. A modulating bypass damper is installed to allow for domestic water temperature turndown.


STEAM ACCUMULATOR FABRICATION - MAY 2013: While best know for the HeatSponge line of boiler economizers Boilerroom Equipment Inc also engineers and fabricates steam accumulators (pictures of some under construction).


FEATURED SHIPMENT - MAY 2013: A pair of monster Two-Stage Titan HeatSponges in all stainless to be installed on watertube boilers.


FEATURED SHIPMENT - MAY 2013: Three condensing Sidekicks for 100 HP boilers ready to ship. A HeatSponge Sidekick can allow a conventional boiler to meet condensing efficiencies at far lower cost than condensing boilers.


FEATURED SHIPMENT - MAY 2013: Three high-performance SUPER model HeatSponges ready to be installed on Williams and Davis 700 HP firetube boilers.


HEATSPONGE PRODUCT UPDATE - MAY 2013: Hinged panels? Yea we can do it better than anyone else. The HeatSponge has been designed to be the easiest economizer to clean and maintain over its service life. Jack is seen here demonstrating on a 'sponge with optional stainless casing and bypass damper. Double click the image to start the video clip.


BEI GENERAL UPDATE - APRIL 2013: We apologize for the delays in updating this page. We are just going like gangbusters with every day better than the last. We sincerely appreciate all of our customers and the relationships we have built. Perhaps the most important update is our current expansion and substantial purchase of new metalworking equipment including a brand new high-definition plasma table, press brake, and metal worker. These machines will allow us to produce HeatSponge's faster and even more economical. As for current featured orders we are building a state-of-the-art accumulator system for a utility installation as well as a couple of huge HeatSponge's for large industrial applications.


FEATURED ORDER - JANUARY 2013: We started the new year off right where we ended last year, kicking ass and taking names. We landed a pair of 10+ unit orders in addition to multiple other units. The Sidekick concept is starting to build momentum as well with Sidekick orders on boilers ranging from 2 mmbtu to 30 mmbtu. 2013 looks like another spectacular year!


AHR EXPOSITION 2013 INFORMATION: BEI will not be exhibiting at the AHR Expo this year as we do not believe the cost justifies the exposure at for a show in Dallas. We look forward to seeing everyone in our booth at next year's show in New York City.


EATURED ORDER (INSTALLED) - SEPTEMBER 2012: A high-performance SUPER model HeatSponge with the optional EX-option allowing the economizer to carry stack and other loads through the economizer and into the boiler itself. This unit also includes an optional stainless steel casing.


FEATURED ORDER - June 2012: Oh yea, gotta gloat on this one!!! Three (3) big TITAN units on 800 HP boilers. A total team effort, a slam dunk on our competitors and a great way to finish another stellar sales week. Cold ones are one me!!!


BRUCE NEWS - May 2012: The ability to incorporate outdoor air reset schedules to Sidekicks is complete. Bruce can now provide performance at different return temperatures.


AHR EXPOSITION 2012: What an AMAZING show for us. We sincerely thank our customers and representatives for helping to make BEI into arguably the leading supplier of boiler economizers in the North American market and soon to be the global market as well. We have a lot of pictures and information to post soon including information on new representatives.


Perhaps the most incredible thing to happen at the show was the confirmation of purchase orders which we anticipate will allow the first quarter 2012 to equal nearly half of our entire business for 2011 which itself was an amazing year for the company. We could not have achieved this without a fantastic representation network and loyal customers. We cannot express our thanks enough. As if things could not be better we are optimistic on a new business relationship that on its own will increase overall business by at least 30%. Great times at BEI, stay tuned!


AHR EXPOSITION 2012 INFORMATION: To everyone attending the upcoming ASHRAE show in Chicago be sure to stop by our island at 5352. BEI will have a number of units on display including BOSS, SHORTY, and SIDEKICK model economizers featuring a STK-BOSS unit designed specifically for the demanding California efficiency requirements. For probably the last time at an ASHRAE show we will have our NASCAR Late Model stock car on display.


Teaser picture of the 2012 car.


BRUCE NEWS - November 2011: Last week was a big week for Bruce. We have been teaching him how to reason through a lot of the problems associated with water boiler Sidekick applications and went live with the new module. There are so many variables associated with water boiler heat recovery that determining an optimum solution often means one must be able to reason through reams of data. Bruce now understands there are times he has to modifly flow rates, required heat recovery targets, or even incorporate external draft inducers to provide the optimum solution. If a draft inducer is required Bruce will tell you the flow and pressure required allowing the customer to easily source one from one of the many draft inducer manufacturers. This new module represents a significant leap in Bruce's processing ability.


FEATURED ORDER (COMPLETED) - NOVEMBER 2011: And here is the beast finished and awaiting shipment. HeatSponge is pioneering a new generation of retrofit-condensing economizers. Check out the headers, 316 SS 4" Sch XXL, around $ 127 per foot, you should have seen the bill for those lengths! We engineer our units to the extreme.


FEATURED ORDER (IN-PROCESS) - OCTOBER 2011: A raw casing being moved for final assembly. This all stainless steel fully condensing economizer will be installed on an industrial watertube boiler. We will put finished pictures up when this big beautiful beast ships out.


MARKETING CAMPAIGN - OCTOBER 2011: BEI has initiated a marketing campaign for the Sidekick leading up to the ASHRAE show where we will have actual Sidekick models on display. Click here to see the ad


FEATURED ORDER - OCTOBER 2011: Now THAT is what we're taking about, a Side-by-Side Two-Stage BOSS HeatSponge taking a 750 HP Williams & Davis to over 92% efficient. THAT is heat recovery. THAT is efficiency gain. THAT is the most modern and innovative design available. THAT is HEATSPONGE!


Black module is 1st Stage with DA Feedwater, Stainless 2nd stage is the condensing section. The Side-by-Side design which is exclusive to HeatSponge reduces overall stainless requirements providing ultra-competitive pricing as well as reducing the structural support requirements for a vertically-stacked unit.


BRUCE NEWS - September 2011: Internal bypass dampers are now available for all rectangular HeatSponge economizers. Unlike obsolete competitive units we do not need a damper but find it easier to beat them at their own game so fine, we have a damper too! I am in a very "motivated" mood, that is great news for our clients, representatives, and employees but is very, very bad news for my competition. We are accepting resumes.


BRUCE NEWS - September 2011: We offer a number of unique variations to accomodate most installations. Here are a few pictures of non-standard types of units:


Side-Outlet HeatSponge for low clearance installations with vertical inlet and horizontal outlet to the breeching. Can be reversed for even lower clearance horizontal installations. This unit shown in option stainless steel casing.


Stacked-Boss units for higher heat recovery and larger boiler installations.


Horizontal HeatSponge maintains 100% drainability and maintainability same as a vertical unit.


COMPETITOR NEWS - February 2012: So I just saw a specification written by a competitor and the energy balance was off by 20%. Seriously do you guys check your work? No wonder we have been able to grow as fast as we have been. And by the way stop trying to poach our reps, do what we have been doing for the past 7 years and bust your hump every day to be the best.


FEATURED ORDER - AUGUST 2011 - Even more of them!! We have already surpassed 2010 sales and we're only in August. We have been moving a lot of product these past few months and had another amazing sales week. Thank you, thank you thank you to our customers and representatives, we couldn't be realizing this without you. Thank you.


SKYPE TELECONFERENCE SUPPORT - June 2011: Actually, we have been providing it for months never though of actually advertising it here. We are all teleconference ready with webcams and Skype on all terminals allowing us to provide video conferencing support. While none of us here are all that exciting to actually look at the ability to do share-screen and view information online is an extremely valuable tool.


CBS GOLF OUTING - JUNE 2011: We were pleased to be able to display our NASCAR Late Model stock car at the 2011 Complete Boiler Systems CW Hunt Memorial Golf Outing. Special thanks to John, Mike, and Mark McAuley for their support of HeatSponge products and American Combustion Industries for their assistance in getting the car to the event and back, thank you very much Bill.


NEW REP - June 2011: We are pleased to announce the addition of Superior Environmental as our exclusive representative in New Jersey.


SO WHAT'S NEXT? - May 2011: With the ATLAS product line now up and running the question is what are we going to do next?


NEW REP - May 2011: We are pleased to announce the addition of G&N Controls as our exclusive representative in South Dakota.


NEW REP - May 2011: We are pleased to announce the addition of Welches Boiler Service as our exclusive representative in New Mexico.


NEW PRODUCT - May 2011: Known for innovative new products, BEI has developed the "Side-Inlet & Top-Outlet" option for TITAN model HeatSponges for watertube boilers. D-type watertubes had required an elbow transition to duct from their side flue opening into an economizer. BEI has incorporated this as an option to allow TITAN models to bolt directly to the boiler venting in from the side and transitioning internally allowing for a vertical flue gas flow across the tube bundle venting from the top of the HeatSponge. This options saves the cost of a support stand and inlet elbow ductwork and greatly reduces the overall height required for the boiler room.


BRUCE NEWS - May 2011: The ATLAS line of traditional 2" boiler tube all welded carbon steel economizers is now live. Boilerroom Equipment now offers this style of economizer in addition to its line of value-added units. Like all other HeatSponge products the Atlas is fully automated and creates customized proposals in real-time on-line. We will be polishing the software over the next few weeks to include cut sheets and other information. The HeatSponge Atlas provides a faster, more complete, and more professional service to this market then any competitor before it and offers it at extremely competitive pricing levels.


NEW ADDRESS - May 2011: Due to our incredible growth we have outgrown another facility and have had to move for the third time in six years to an even larger plant. Our new contact information is:


Boilerroom Equipment, Inc.

2081 Borland Farm Road

Suite B

Export, PA 15632

Sales Phone: 1-866-666-8977

Plant Direct Phone: 724-327-0077

Fax: 724-327-0074


Again our sincerest thanks to our customers and representatives, we wouldn't be where we are without you. The best part of it is we have so many new opportunities coming on-line we will probably outgrown this place within two years.


BRUCE NEWS - March 2011: Happy Easter to our customers, friends, and representatives. We will be taking advantage of the Easter break to upload a few new modules to Bruce. The modules will enhance the output of the proposals and will allow for expanded boiler capacity options such as Tons/hr and KPH. as well as the ability to enter flue gas and water temperatures in both C and F. This is done to facilitate our global expansion and is the gateway to alternative language integration.


In other news the redesign of Sidekick 2.0 is nearly complete. This new design has allowed us to significantly reduce the fabrication cost not only allowing us to dramactically lower prices but this new design IS REPAIRABLE! We are hearing some competitors are considering entering this market so we are happy to offer really good advice; the Devil is in the Details. A product of this type is an order of magnitude more complex than a steam boiler economizer. Do yourself a favor and don't think about it. We are almost finished teaching Bruce how to handle nearly all Sidekick engineering tasks, no one will be able to compete with Bruce 2.0. Have at it should you wish, you'll lose to us. Sidekick 2.0 will be live in May.


Holy HeatSponges Batman!

Have you ever seen so many purchase orders?


We're obviously dealing with boiler economizer masterminds Robin. I do know that they all offer their sincerest thanks to their customers for their trust and confidence in them.


BRUCE NEWS - March 2011: We have made a major change to the Sidekick selection program. The Recovery Rate variable was being found to be a little confusing to most casual users so we replaced it with the simple ability to tell Bruce what target flue gas exit temperature the unit must meet. We expect this to make the Sidekick selection process much easier.


FEATURED ORDER - March 2011 - A lot of them: BEI is pleased to have received a heck of a lot of orders in the past few months. To all of our customers and representatives our most sincere thank you. 2011 is already looking to be an amazing year. Thank you again.


BRUCE NEWS - March 2011: HeatSponge ATLAS Class Boiler Economizers To become a more complete supplier to the economizer market BEI is is in the process adding a two-inch boiler tube all welded low-value-added economizer to it's portfolio. BEI has already demonstrated the significant competitive advantage it brings to the high-value-added economizer market. It will now bring these same advantages to the low-value-added market. In a market defined primarily by price it is our intention to dominate this niche as well. Bruce has already been taught a brilliant way of selecting and optimizing a low-value added design, we are currently finalizing the estimating subroutine and will be going to market in very short order. We are targeting nothing short of full domination of this market.


BRUCE NEWS - March 2011: Specification Assistant: Bruce has been trained on two specifications so far: typical VA Hospital specs and two-inch all welded low-value-added economizers. More specifications to be added. Bruce has also undergone some work to clean up the clutter of his data pages and make the data easier to read. A graphic interface will soon be integrated as well to allow for easy visualation of the economizer.


BRUCE NEWS - February 2011: Specification Assistant: If you are bidding a project to an industry-common specification such as a Veterans Administration specification Bruce has been taught how to integrate their unique, and often conflicting, requirements into consideration. Bruce will select the appropriate options and provide exceptions and clarifications as required. As if Bruce was not already one generation ahead of the competition, now he is two generation! (and we are no where near finished with what Bruce will be capable of)


BRUCE NEWS - February 2011: Just because we have been quiet doesn't mean we have been relaxing. While the industry still has not even begun to catch up to the capabilities of what Bruce can do we are preparing the launch of Bruce 2.0, project named Rinzler. This new program will live up to his name, a cyber assasin designed to dominate all competition taking the Bruce concept to an entirely new level and expand our product line into new markets. Bruce se habla espaƱol muy pronto. Rinzler lives Summer 2011. I am back.


BRUCE NEWS - February 2011: Bruce has undergone a major upgrade to his condensing calculations allowing him to calculate condensing in difficult operating senariors. The patient came through his brain surgery in fantastic form.


AHR EXPOSITION 2011: After attending the show as spectators the decision not to display was correct. Las Vegas has too many distractions to provide the type of return these shows cost our company. We will be back and biiger than ever in Chicago 2012. Not displaying had another advantage, for the first time in years we could actually enjoy the show.


GENERAL NEWS - November 2010: Well as many of you have noticed we have not updated a lot of information on our news page this year. It is not for lack of business, we sincerely appreciate the support of our customers and representatives as we established a staggering sales volume for 2010. Our sales significantly surpassed even our most optimistic expectations, and for that we thank you. Let's just say a key leader here at BEI will be looking forward to 2011 as he dealt with some issues in 2010. To our competitors; watch out once he gets his head back in the game because if you think we are hot now just wait as you haven't seen anything yet!


We will not be at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas this January, we decided to take this year off as we do not anticipate the return on this years show to justify the expense. We will be back with another huge display when the show comes back to Chicago in 2012.


GENERAL NEWS - May 2010: We apologize for not getting updated information up for the past few months. We have been very fortunate to be quite busy with work and has distracted us from updating the website. We have a lot of new orders and Bruce updates to get listed as soon as we stop to catch our breath. We offer a sincere thank you to all of our customers, representatives, and supporters.


AHR EXPOSITION 2010: I believe any doubts were put to rest. Boilerroom Equipment has clearly established itself as the premier boiler economizer manufacturer in the United States and most probably the world at this point. Our innovative products and business processes are clearly a generation beyond anything else that any other manufacturer currently offers. We could not be where we are at without the support and partnership of our customers, representatives, and vendors. From all of us we offer our most sincere thanks as no one person or company can accomplish this on their own. Just wait until you see what 2010 will be for all of us. Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen you have no idea what we are going to do this year! Click here to go to the ASHRAE 2010 page.



AHR EXPOSITION 2010 INFORMATION: To everyone attending the upcoming ASHRAE show in Orlando this January be sure to stop by our booth. BEI will have a number of units on display including BOSS, SHORTY, and SIDEKICK model economizers. We had to expand to a 23' X 30' island to accomodate the additional show units. We will also have our 2010 NASCAR Late Model stock car on display again.


UPDATE: The car just arrived at the show and it looks awesome. You won't be able to miss our booth.


BRUCE NEWS - December 2009: Bruce's data input pages for both the conventional HeatSponges and Sidekicks has been upgraded and are now much more clear and easy to use.


BRUCE "SECRET R&D" NEWS - December 2009 the HeatSponge SIDEKICK, Finally Revealed!!!!!!!!: Boilerroom Equipment, Inc, is very proud (after months of delay) to finally unveil the SIDEKICK line of condensing boiler economizers for commercial and industrial hot water boilers. The Sidekick has been in development for nearly two years and represents an evolutionary development of high-efficiency installations in the boiler industry. The SIDEKICK is a game changer the likes of which have not been experienced since the introduction of the first condensing boilers. The SIDEKICK offers the ability to integrate condensing boiler efficiencies to conventional boilers on a new or retrofit basis. The SIDEKICK allows a customer with a conventional boiler system the ability to realize condensing efficiency gains that otherwise would require the existing boiler to be demolished and replaced with a new condensing boiler. Conventional, non-condensing boilers can now realize the efficiency benefits of outdoor air temperature reset controls and lower circulating hot water loop temperatures. Sidekicks also allow for duel fuel condensing applications utilizing conventional boilers. The SIDEKICK features all stainless internal construction, stainless tubes and fins, and an insulated outer casing. Inspection and clean out ports make periodic maintenance and cleaning easy.


The efficiency of the SIDEKICK goes far beyond simply energy recovery to the ultra-productive process in which it is selected and designed. Heat recovery for condensing applications introduces a significant number of variables that makes a catalog-approach to equipment selection nearly impossible. Boilerroom Equipment has developed a new method of quantifying heat recovery, the Recovery Rate, and integrated this into the design. The incorporation of the Recovery Rate variable allows a customer to custom tailor the level of heat recovery and cost directly to the requirements of each specific application. We define this new concept in heat recovery design as 3D Modularity, for modular construction in three dimensions. Based on a "Mass-Customization" approach to product development, Bruce will consider all of the application design constraints and will design a SIDEKICK optimized to meet the exact performance requirements at the most competitive price. Bruce has been given the ability to consider all aspects of the heat exchanger design relative to the price of the equipment and generate a fully priced proposal all in real-time; a software and engineering accomplishment that added over one thousand hours of coding and heat transfer modification to Bruce's core program. This means Bruce can handle all inquiries and generate proposals in real time by himself. The near elimination of sales and support overhead and significantly reduced project execution overhead requirements the Bruce software provides allows us to offer a product superior to any before it at pricing and responsiveness levels no conventional competitor could hope to match.


Bruce will go on-line live on Monday December 21st with full public access to the Sidekick software. BEI will display the SIDEKICK in public at the upcoming AHR Exposition in Orlando, booth 3126. We will also have other HeatSponge models on display and based on the popularity in Chicago last year will bring the HeatSponge NASCAR Late Model stock car back for another display appearance.


FEATURED ORDER - December 2009 - Two (2) Combustion Turbine Heat Recovery Units: BEI is pleased to have received an award for two custom engineered Two-Stage heat recovery units to be installed at a large campus. The Two-Stage units will provide heated feedwater for the Superior waste heat boilers with the remainder of the energy being transferred into the campus circulating hot water loop.


FEATURED ORDER - December 2009 - Two (2) Condensing-Capable All-Stainless HeatSponges: BEI is pleased to have received an award for two large, all stainless steel heat recovery economizers to be integrated into a direct contact heat recovery system. BEI is very proud of the relationship it has forged with this manufacturer of direct contact heat exchanger systems. Should you require a direct contact system feel free to contact BEI and we would be happy to place you in contact with them.


FEATURED ORDER - December 2009 - Four (4) BOSS-12 HeatSponges: BEI is pleased to have received an award for four (4) BOSS-12 HeatSponge's to be installed on new Hurst firetube boilers. With special thanks to John McAuley and Complete Boiler Systems for their support in landing such a large order.


FEATURED ORDER - December 2009 - Three (3) BOSS HeatSponges: BEI is pleased to have received an award for three (3) BOSS-12 HeatSponge's to be installed at a hospital in Virginia. With special thanks to Mike Dixon, Jack Webb and everyone at SE Burks for their support in selling eight HeatSponges in the second half of 2009 alone. Special thanks also goes to exceptional boiler service companies, customers, and contractors in Virginia we have forged new relationships with.


BRUCE "SECRET R&D" NEWS - October 2009 UPDATE: OK, OK, we know it is taking us longer to bring this into the open than we had been planning but we are fortunate to be quite busy with all of your orders, thank you. Understandably fulfilling orders supersedes new product development work and we are very fortunate to have had an outstanding year. All of the technical work is complete and the design is proven, we are just finalizing the commercial support information, we will not make the product publically available until all of the support work is 100% complete. We will make our formal unveiling at ASHRAE 2010 in Orlando.


BRUCE NEWS - August 2009: Bruce has been trained to do preliminary calculations and estimating for wet steam accumulators. Although not technically a HeatSponge most people know us as HeatSponge and not Boilerroom Equipment, Inc. which is the company's name. Because of the high level of engineering Bruce does not provide firm pricing but will display sizing and performance information. bruce also does all of our behind the scenes engineering so if a customer is interested in an accumulator the majority of the work on our end is already completed and we just need to generate a detailed pricing. You may use the accumulator selection tool by clicking this link.


NEW REP - August 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of McCain Engineering as our exclusive representative in Alabama and Mississippi.


BRUCE NEWS - June 2009: Bruce has been quite busy lately. We are pleased to announce a new feature in the Bruce software, Side Discharges. This new option for all rectangular HeatSponges allows for the flue gas to enter the bottom on the unit in a conventional vertical installation however the gas can discharge from the side of the unit. This is an ideal feture when the existing ductwork as a 90 degree elbow to contend with. Bruce has been trained and can incorporate this feature into all new proposals.


BRUCE "SECRET R&D" NEWS - June 2009 UPDATE: All engineering software is complete. We are finalizing the commercial support information. This unit is SWEET, the initial representatives we have made the unit accessible to on a BETA basis have all been floored by the combination of performance, functionality, and pricing. Tieing the entire package together is Bruce's revolutionary rating system that for the first time designs then optimizes the economizer from scratch in all three dimensions.


BRUCE "SECRET R&D" NEWS - June 2009: We have another huge new product offering coming. Based on feedback from our customers we have been quietly working on the development of an entirely new type of economizer targeted specifically to the commercial boiler market that will revolutionize heat recovery. We will let the cat out of the bag in July, stay tuned!


BRUCE NEWS - June 2009: We are pleased to announce the development of new Effectiveness calculations that are now provided on all HeatSponge proposals. We are often asked the question of how changes in heat recovery impact equipment sizing. Heat recovery is a function of many variables and it can be difficult for some users to understand that the relationship between energy recovery and heating surface area is not linear and often is significantly exponential. The Effectiveness calculations detail the relationship between unit size and energy recovery.


NEW REP - June 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of Starr and Company, Inc as our exclusive representative in Hawaii.


NEW REP - April 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of Joseph M Day as our exclusive representative in Michigan.


NEW REP - March 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of Empire Clean Energy Supply as our exclusive representative for Long Island.


NEW REP - March 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of Industrial Systems Inc. as our exclusive representative in San Antonio and southern Texas.


NEW REP - February 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of Boilers, Burners, & Controls, LLC as our exclusive representative in Central and Southern Georgia.


NEW REP - February 2009: We are pleased to announce the addition of Ware Inc. as our exclusive representative in Kentucky, Central and Western Tennessee, and Northern Georgia.


NEW UNIT MODEL - February 2009: BEI now offers a SHORTY-1 coiled economizer. This single-coil unit includes all of the features of our larger coiled units but was designed primariliy for the under 80 HP market. Bruce has been trained is is ready to support the SHORTY-1.


AHR EXPO 2009 Chicago: The show was a stunning sucess for BEI. We offer our most sincere thanks to the representatives and customers that have helped our company. We have created an ASHRAE 2009 page with pictures from the show. Click here to go to the ASHRAE 2009 page.


NEW REP - December 2008: We are pleased to announce the addition of Cape Sales, Inc. as our exclusive representative in Northern New Jersey


HAPPY HOLIDAYS - December 2008: Happy Holidays from everyone at Boilerroom Equipment Inc. We offer our sincerest thanks for a fantastic 2008 to our customers, representatives, and friends. We look forward to seeing everyone at ASHRAE in January.


NEW TRAVEL POLICY - November 2008: Here's a good tip for anyone that gets a rental car: spend the extra $ 40 bucks and get the full insurance package upgrade. Vince is glad he did during a recent trip to Missouri. Within less than 24 hours: one driver, two jeeps, two deer, $ 10,000 in combined damage, and no repair bill to BEI. This is a good time to introduce our new policy on no lectures or training during deer hunting season.


NEW REP - October 2008: We are pleased to announce the addition of Engineered Energy Equipment. as our exclusive representative in Central and Southern Florida.


BRUCE NEWS - October 2008: HUGE NEWS - PART 2 !! In what is perhaps Bruce's single largest upgrade since his creation we now offer Two-Stage economizers. Efforts gearded towards creating a super-high efficiency boiler have been focused on two-stage heat recovery. These units are designed to heat two seperate water streams in a common economizer casing. For example a Two-Stage HeatSponge could heat boiler feedwater in the First Stage and use the energy still left in the flue gas to heat a second stream of make-up water, process water, or some other water stream. Because of the strong probability of condensing all Two-Stage units are supplied with stainless steel tubes as a standard. Depending on the heat-sink available efficiency increases of 7% to even 10% are possible. Bruce has been trained and he is ready to quote two-stage units today. It will take Bruce a few weeks or so to get all of the new piping diagrams and unit cut sheets into his system so he asks for a little patience. This product will allow any boiler to compete heads-up with the new generation of boilers on their way that feature two-stage heat recovery to achieve their efficiency claims.


BRUCE NEWS - October 2008: HUGE NEWS - PART 1 !! After a year of research and development we are very proud to announce the official release of the next generation SHORTY economizer. Codenamed the SHORTY-SQUARED this unit features a patent-pending industry first replacable helical coil. The era of the non-repairable coiled economizer is over. All SHORTY economizers will maintain their industry-leading stainless steel construction. All HeatSponge economizers are now repairable in place. Give us a little time to get the new cut sheets into the system, we have been really busy lately.


BRUCE NEWS - September 2008: Bruce now provides the ability to recall performance for previously run proposals. Each proposal will now be supplied with a unique password that will allow you to recall the performance from that proposal to make rerating the unit easy.


NEWSLETTER NEWS - September 2008: We introduced the first issue of The 'Sponge, the official HeatSponge newsletter. if you did not receive a copy please contact us to be added to the mailing list.


NEW REP - August 2008: We are pleased to announce the addition of SE Burks Sales Company as our exclusive representative in Virginia


NEW REP - July 2008: We are pleased to announce the addition of Combustion Systems Company, Inc. as our exclusive representative in Indiana.


THANK YOU - July 2008: We wish to offer our sincere thanks to our customers and representatives. 2008 has already been a fantastic year for our company and we still have the second half of the year to go. We have already surpassed double our 2007 sales and with the new orders continuing to come in, a BOSS-11 for a 700 HP Superior firetube boiler just today alone, our company continues its strong growth. Everyone at Boilerroom Equipment Inc appreciates your consideration.


NEW UNIT MODEL - July 2008: We are pleased to offer the new MAGNUM unit The MAGNUM was designed to fit the nitche between the BOSS and SUPER models. The MAGNUM was designed to fit right between the price and heat recovery range of the BOSS and SUPER models. Bruce has been trained and is capable of quoting MAGNUM units,


BRUCE NEWS - June 2008: Bruce has just surpassed the 15,000 lines-of-code threshold.


FEATURED ORDER - June 2008 - Two (2) SUPER HeatSponges: BEI is pleased to have received an award for a pair of very large SUPER HeatSponges to be installed on Cleaver-Brooks boilers.


ACCELERATED SHIPMENT - June 2008 - Two (2) BOSS HeatSponges: To support a July 4th outage we were able to halve the standard shipdate on a pair of BOSS 'Sponges for our customer. We actually shipped one week early.


NEW REPS - June 2008: We are pleased to announce our first representative outside of North America. Tecnolog s.a is now the exclusive HeatSponge representative in Lima, Peru.


BRUCE NEWS - June 2008: We have added 316 stainless steel tubes to our standard options list. We now offer our HeatSponges with the following tube options: SA-178-A carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, and 2205 duplex stainless steel. To the best of our knowledge we are the only manufacturer that offers all of these materials as standard options.


BRUCE NEWS - April 2008: Bruce now can provide budgetary pricing and fan information for the Condense-O-Mizer option. Bruce Rules!


NEW REPS - March 2008: We are pleased to announce the addition of Energy Products of Nevada as our exclusive representative in Las Vegas and Fluid Handling Inc as our exclusive representative for Wisconsin.


FEATURED ORDER - March 2008 - Six (6) BOSS HeatSponges: BEI is pleased to have received an award for six (6) BOSS HeatSponges to be installed on a campus.


BRUCE NEWS - February 2008: Bruce now has the ability to automatically select true fully-condensing economizers. The new BEI Condense-O-Mizer option when selected will allow Bruce to automatically configure a condensing economizer including selecting the proper fan and controls. Soon he will be able to provide budgetary pricing as well. Bruce is coming a long way.


IMPORTANT SHIPMENT - February 2008 - One (1) SUPER Retube: When a client in Nigeria had a problem on their boiler that destroyed their year old economizer they were happy to have selected a HeatSponge. Retubing the unit will be fast and easy compared to what they would have had to deal with on older non-repairable designs.


FEATURED ORDER - February 2008 - Six (6) BOSS HeatSponges: BEI is pleased to have received an award for six (6) BOSS HeatSponges to be installed at a new hotel and resort complex.


BRUCE NEWS - February 2008: We have taught Bruce a new trick. He is now capable of varing the header sizes on different model HeatSponges to optimize the water side pressure drop on different size HeatSponges.


ACCELERATED SHIPMENT - December 2007 - One (1) TITAN HeatSponge: When presented with an opportunity to obtain an order in a tight shipping window to meet a Christmas outage BEI did what it took to honor it's committment and ship a large TITAN in half the time it would normally take. This unit is installed on an industrial watertube boiler.


ACCELERATED SHIPMENT - November 2007 - Two (2) BOSS HeatSponges: To support a Thanksgiving outage we were able to accelerate the sheduled shipdate by three weeks of a pair of BOSS 'Sponges for our customer.


BRUCE NEWS - November 2007: What is perhaps the biggest evolution for Bruce is his ability to generate complete proposal packages and email them to his clients. Bruce can recommend and total options, create a proposal letter, and send it to the customer. At the rate he is learing we are wondering when Bruce is going to start bothering us for a raise.


NEW REPS - October 2007: We are pleased to announce the addition of Combustion Heat and Power Inc. as our exclusive representative in Minnesota and North & South Dakota.


We will be adding more news. Be sure to always check back.







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