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Replacement Parts

Replacement Tubes:



$1,150.00 each

N/A - use 316SS

$1,750.00 each

$2,950.00 each

$3,600.00 each

Carbon steel tubes w/carbon steel or aluminum fins

304 stainless tubes w/ stainless or aluminum fins

316 stainless tubes w/ stainless steel fins

Duplex stainless tubes w/ stainless or aluminum fins

SHORTY-model replacement coil cartridge


$81.00 each

$84.00 each

$72.00 each

$6.56 each


Stainless steel compression fitting

Compression Cap

Rear Door Rope Gasket

Casing Gas Seal Gaskets


$385.00 each

$380.00 each

$380.00 each

$360.00 each


Thermometer 5 inch face - Water Side 50/550 deg F

Thermometer 5 inch face - Gas Side 50/550 deg F

Thermo Well (15 inch stanless steel) - Water Side

Pressure Gage 4 inch face - Water Side 0/400 psi


Commercial Terms for All Spare Part Orders:


All prices are ex-works (EXW) Export PA.


Payment in full required prior to shipment for all spare parts.


Replacement tube prices include one (1) tube and two (2) new ferrules.


Crating and shipping are based on quantity purchased and are not included in the base price.


Contact factory for availability and lead time

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