Engineers & Manufacturers of the Heatsponge Economizer


HeatSponge Model Number Identification




 HS - HeatSponge Economizer


{model enhancer} - only used for unique enhanced models

- CND - Specifies unit shall be an external full condensing design

- STK - Stacked economizers

- 2STG - Two-stage economizers for heating two seperate water streams


{model} - identifies the model type

- SIDEKICK - Condensing economizer primarily for hot water boilers

- SHORTY - An inexpensive coiled tube economizer for boilers under 300 HP

- BOSS - This model represents the lowest priced economizer for a specific boiler

- MAGNUM - A midrange unit designed to fit into the middle of the BOSS and SUPER range

- SUPER - This model represents a higher priced but high energy recovery economizer for a specific boiler

- TITAN - This is the largest HeatSponge made for industrial watertube and other very large boilers


{no of tube circuits} - number of tube circuits in a unit (this is the number of tube elements in a unit for all models except Titan which has two elements per circuit)


{base or special unit} - indicates if the unit is a basic unit or if special modifications were required

Integrated stack adapter flanges included as a standard

- B represents a normal HeatSponge

- S is a flag to indicate the unit was modified from a basic unit

-- if a number comes after ans S that signifies the casing size if a stretched casing is required


{fin count} - fin count in fins per inch

- 6 fins/inch for gas firing only - 5 fins/inch for gas only of gas with #2 oil standby only

- 4 fins/inch for #2 fuel oil only firing boilers

- 3 fins/inch for #6 oil firing - 2 fins/inch for wood or other solid fuel applications


{tube & fin material} - identifies tube and fin metallurgy

- C represents a carbon steel tube and fin

- S represents a 300 stainless steel tube and 400 stainless steel fin

- D represents a duplex stainless steel tube and 400 stainless steel fin


{casing material} - identifies the casing metallurgy

- X the default on the AutoPick software since casing material is an optional item - C represents a carbon steel casing

- S represents a stainless steel casing



Use a model HS-SUPER-12-[B5CC] for one example:


- HS - HeatSponge Economizer

- SUPER - identifies the unit model

- 5 - number of tube circuits in a unit

- B - basic unit - no specal modifications

- 5 - five fins per inch fin count

- C - Carbon steel tube and fin combination (stainless tube and fin would be an S)

- C - Carbon steel casing



Use a model HS-CND-BOSS-9-[S12-4DS] for another example:


- HS - HeatSponge Economizer

- CND - Full condensing model

- BOSS - identifies the unit model

- 9 - number of tube circuits in a unit

- S - special unit - strectched casing size

- 12 - equivalent casing width to be utilized

- 4 - four fins per inch fin count

- D - Duplex stainless steel tube with stainless steel fins

- S - Stainless steel casing
















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