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Commercial Information




Terms of Sale:

 All prices provided are firm prices for equipment only. No freight, installation, or special engineering of any

 kind included.


 All prices are EXW Latrobe, PA


 Payments terms are as follows:

- 40% of order value with Purchase Order

- 60% Due in full prior to unit shipment

> Based on new customers with no credit history. Terms negotiable based on proven credit history that meets

our approval.

> Some local representatives or distributors may offer terms that differ done at their discretion.

- 2% discount with Payment in Full with Purchase Order

- All performance is predicted only

- All prices in US Dollars

- The bid validity is called out on the on-line proposal generator

- Prices do not include any federal, state, or local sales, excise, or usage taxes.

- We do not accept any damages of any kind including but not limited to consequential or liquidated damages

- We do not accept any contract with "Time is of the Essence" language

- We do not provide bid, performance, or supply bonds

- BEI is not bound by any customer terms or conditions unless formally agreed to in writing prior to the issue

of an award



- No firm deliveries are quoted until the down payment is received

- Delivery is a function of shop loading at time of order

- Typical delivery cycles will run six to ten weeks after our receipt and acceptance of order

- Acceptance of order is defined as our signing and return of a Purchase Order or our deposit of the down payment

- Price includes our loading of the finished unit onto a carrier designated by others

- We do not offer prepay-and-add of freight since the unit must be 100% paid prior to shipment

- Cancellation of the unit for any reason prior to shipment will result in the issue of a charge compensating all work

completed to date, all invoices, and hall include a reasonable profit.


Scope of supply for SHORTY/BOSS/MAGNUM/SUPER/TITAN model economizers are as follows:

- One (1) Heatsponge Boiler Economizer as described

- Unit stamped to Section VIII requirements

- Unit includes insulated casing and inlet and outlet transitions

- Price include rolled angle flanges for mating to boiler

- Unit built to ASME Section VIII of the Boiler Code, Section I available at additional charge

- Price includes the supply of an ASME Safety Relief Valve

Unit skid mounted and loaded onto your truck

Operating and Maintenance Manuals Available On-Line

Copies of all MTR's and ASME datasheets



- Unit is warranted for materials and craftsmanship to be free of defects for one year from initial operation or 18

months from shipment from plant, whichever comes first

- BEI accepts no responsibility for failure due to improper operation

- BEI is not bound by any other warranty unless formally agreed to in writing prior to the issue of an award

- Warranty is for parts only. No labor included in warranty

- No warranty claim is considered unless presented in writing to BEI prior to the end of the warranty period

- All failed components must be returned to BEI

- BEI shall not be responsible for vessel if repairs or alterations are attempted that have not been approved prior to the

action in writing by BEI

- Corrosion or other failures not due to the design or craftsmanship are not covered under warranty

- Corrosion through normal wear is not warranted by BEI, this includes potential chloride stress corrosion cracking or

similar that is not a result of improper craftsmanship

- Any auxiliary equipment supplied by but not manufactured by BEI shall carry that manufacturer’s standard warranty

- All warranty responsibility ends upon the warranty sunset date of 18 months after shipment.


The standard warranty for Sidekick and Rainmaker product lines is for parts and factory labor with the following clarifications

  1. - Duration is one (1) year from date of start-up or eighteen (18) months from date of shipment from factory
  2. - Customer must issue a potential warranty Purchase Order to BEI
  3. - Warranty includes parts and factory labor based on following
    • - - The unit must be shipped back to BEI plant for inspection and repair at customer expense
    • - - BEI will provide parts and labor to repair any issue found to be warranty related
      • - - - Purchase order will be cancelled
      • - - - If the failure is not found to be a warrantable issue a charge would apply for repair
    • - - All expenses associated with the removal and return to BEI are not covered under warranty
  4. - - Only warrantable items are defects in materials and craftsmanship
  5. - Corrosion or any failure due to both normal or improper operation is not warranted
  6. - If cause of failure is not readily apparent the customer can request a third-party inspection service to be contracted to provide an impartial assessment of failure
    • - - Should the failure be found to be a warranty issue BEI will cover the cost of the third-party inspection
    • - - If not would then be charged to the customer
  7. - - BEI retains final determination on addressing any warranty issue
  8. - All warranty responsibility ends upon the warranty sunset date of 18 months after shipment.






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